First Class Pen

I was sitting in the Atlanta airport returning home from a successful few days of supplier meetings in sunny Tampa, Florida. As I was waiting to board the request of one supplier continued to play through my head. I walked down the jet way with bag in one hand, a few $0.55 stylus pens in the other. I entered the door of the Delta jet and was greeted by the flight attendant. Instead of just my typical hello, I simply and nonchalantly handed the gentleman the three pens and told him these were a gift for him and the other flight attendants. The gentleman thanked me and I headed down the narrow aisle so as not to hold up the boarding process. I got to my seat near the middle of the aircraft and settled in next to the window. I began to wonder if what the supplier said would come true. The plane filled up and we were getting close to pushing back. Just then, out of the corner of my eye I saw the flight attendant approach my row. I turned my head to look, and the gentleman asked, “Are you the one who gave me those pens?”. I told him yes and he said, “Please come with me, I have a seat for you up front.” Huh? No way. Unbelievable! Heck yes! I grabbed my bag and followed the flight attendant up to seat 1C in First Class! I was greeted by a second flight attendant whose joy would have been appropriate had I given him a new car! I couldn’t believe the impact these three pens had on their day. Just remember, it’s not always about the product, it’s how that product makes someone feel.

So how does a $0.55 stylus pen make the day of two hard-working and underappreciated flight attendants, and get me upgraded to First Class? See for yourself…

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